How To Start New Trendy Travel and Lifestyle Blog

From recent years, Lifestyle blogs are looking very trendy, and no indication about this will change soon. People created New niches, which gain huge number of fans in a very short period of time. If you people want to start your own Lifestyle blog, you might need first to understand what actually a lifestyle blog is.

First of all, I would like to tell you all that its not necessary that what are you doing the important thing is that what you want to do when you start a content writing about anything you should have to keep in mind The 5 BASIC things Then you can start-up your work efficiently.

Lets start a look at:

What is a lifestyle blog ?

So, keep in your mind about lifestyle blog


“A lifestyle blog is an digital content representing your everyday life and interests. The word “lifestyle” its not just a word its  your “habits, attitudes, moral standards, which together constitute the way of your life.”

Difference b/w Lifestyle and personal blog:

Lifestyle types blogs are not like your personal blogs, because they focus more on readers. The content which is created here is only for the readers and according to his/her expectations. What’s more, lifestyle blogs also focuses on the author’s benefits, not just on telling stories.

In personal blogs, the most important thing is your emotions and your mind thoughts,you can expresses your opinions, writes about your experiences, feelings, reflections. In personal blogs, the thought yourself the most important, not the reader.

Most of the Lifestyle blogs are more look like magazines. They have many beautiful and attractive photos that attract the attention of people with similar interests in a specific purpose. Their authors recommend services or various products, such as clothes,books, cosmetics, interior design products, mobile fones etc.

These are just few examples of what lifestyle blogging can be.

Lifestyle blog category (niches):

Many lifestyle bloggers write about their experience or career origins when they find their “niche” to write in, subjects like that, make-up, fashion, baking, travel, photography,grooming ,health, fitness, home/office decor, or being stay at home as mom. So, the first goal is you will find what you want to write about?? And from experience that I’ve learned, Kindly “stay in your lane” don’t mix genres of writing.

Let me give you an example, if you are interested in traveling or in photography, and also you are involved in the wine industry at the same time,so two blogs you should have. One for your photography and travel (since those two go hand in hand) and the other one blog just for your work in the wine industry.Because those two have very different type of audiences, that’s why you should choose to use host two separate blogs to support the two subjects you write.

Now there can be a lot of work to do for people, but that’s my professional recommendation if you are willing to write about different subjects. Now, let’s suppose, If I use some lifestyle blogs from one aspect and share them with another blog that’s also mine,  as fashion or cooking. In that time, I can cross post my audiences because these both write-up’s are related to each other. On spot, if you want to write about make-up and sports at the same time, doesn’t cross relate to a very large audience.

As I said before Unlike many other niches that are quite specific, lifestyle is something that very oftenly may confuse people. Like when you say that you have just started a food or Beauty blog, then people start quickly put the pieces together and visualize the entire site. It is obvious that you want to write about cuisine and recipes. And In the other scenario, you can imagine posts about clothes. But according to my experience lifestyle blog is something that have much more.

The Most Searched Blog Topics According SEMRush shown below:

Basically, Lifestyle blog can cover much more topics in one place, and you are the only person who decides what to write about. Since It is like that you are presenting your life to the audience, it is much easier to create a unique or a personal blog. Even if you want to covering a popular topic, their are much more chances that you will not publish another review of an device or tutorial on something that’s been covered millions of times.Keep in your mind that It is your life and your storytelling, and that’s actually something that people love most. A lifestyle blog allows you to write about each and every topic you have in your mind, your personal thoughts and you can do it in your own way.

This is one of the main reason why to start a lifestyle blog. It gives you a golden chance to write about your life experiences also your heart feelings and actually enjoy what you do in your way. And if you start it in the right way, you can have a greater chance of making some extra money or may be even transform a simple blog into a money-making machine its up to you that might turn your life around.

Find what you want to do and In which you are feeling like passionate and what you want to write about and then just start writing.